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inspiring writers one prompt at a time

inspired100 - the weekly drabble prompt challenge
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Inspired 100;

inspired100 is another drabble community mostly inspired by 15minuteficlets. Each week one prompt will be posted (be it a word, phrase, lyric or song), and you write a short drabble or ficlet inspired by said prompt. Once you have finished writing, post or link to it in the comments of the prompt post. :D

Please note; You do not need posting access to take part, as you will be commenting to mod posts.

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how this works;

On each Sunday evening (GMT) a new prompt will be posted by the moderator of the community. The prompt may, as mentioned, be a random word, a phrase, a lyric or anything else that could inspire.

You take this prompt away and write a drabble or short ficlet on whatever the prompt inspires you to write about. There is no set time to write them, so just take your time. ;D

Once you are done you post a comment to the prompt post with the following information:

Since there is no time limit you can go back over the prompt list and post drabbles and ficlets for any of those as and when you want to.


1. Be nice. :c
2. Drabbles are posted in the comments of the prompt posts.
3. Anything goes; any fandom, any character/pairing, original characters, original universes, crossovers, ANYTHING. :D
4. Gen/Het/Yaoi/Yuri are all acceptable.
5. RPF and RPS is also acceptable.
6. NC-17 is okay but please post it to your own journal and link it with the relevant warnings in the posting information.
7. Your ficlets should be between 100 and 500 words.
8. There is no set time to write your drabble/ficlet, just remember to post it to the comments when you're done.